Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bedre sent enn aldri...

DJ Lady Mju

Kate Bush – King of the Mountain
A Night at the Playboy Mansion – Wonderful Person
Diana Ross – I’m coming out
Marlene Dietrich – Johnny, wenn Du Geburtstag hast
Down in June – Falling Apart
IANVA – La Ballata dell’Ardito
Spiritual Front – Bastard Angel
David Sylvian – Krishna Blue
Solanacae – Midnight Garden
Changes – What’s the Wind if it’s not Free?
Howden/Wakeford – Wormwood Season
Brendan Perry – Utopia
Passione Nera – Strength in a Smile
Yantra – Dominus
Ostara – Bavaria
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Hell is Where the Heart is – The Gospel of Thomas
This Immortal Coil – The Dark Age of Love
Dead Can Dance – How Fortunate the Man with None
The Masonics – The Masonic Machine
Graham Dalby – Top Hat White Tie and Tails

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